Structure and building

Radiolaria will offer shelter to those who enter through a structure that will be carefully designed and brought to life by a team of architects, engineers, and volunteers.


Morphological Setup of domes

We’ve designed a building comprised of domes, one of the oldest most efficient structures in the world. We give shape to these domes through a tridimensional system of hexagons that will work on compression to become a very efficient and aesthetical structure.

Hexagon Families.jpg

Hexagon families

Working in collaboration with specialized engineers, we reduced the number of families of hexagons in the modular construction. This enables us to limit variations and find optimal economy and practicality to build this Temple in record time.

The structure is composed of wood elements with japanese butterfly connections that will be carefully labeled to be easily assembled by volunteers . It has been conceived in to allow the elements to be brought in pieces and assembled on site in 11 days.


construction diagrams

TOP LEFT: For the structure’s foundation, we will use the domes continuous constraining ring as spread footings – that will be integral to the performance of the structure. This way, the downward forces concentrate on the spread footings which bear on a granite granular bedding. The below will be put in place by our build crew and volunteers to ensure the integrity of the base of the building.

TOP RIGHT: the pre-assembled hexagonal pieces will be put in place with the constraining rings and will be put in place in layers of rings until the first set of smaller domes is complete.

BOTTOM LEFT: This process will be continued until the moment the lower rings form a stable constraining ring.

BOTTOM RIGHT: The previous step garantees the stability necessary to place the top part of the main dome.

Burning Man Visual Aids 2018-11-21_Página_2.jpg

Our uplift, bearing, and wind calculations made by our engineering team at Thornton Tomasetti ensure the structure’s stability and its ability to support visitors